The Power of Self-Importance

Interesting it is that processing techniques and methods bring about an increase in the power of individuality and it's expression thereof. Interesting also is the fact that this power seems to go right to the head and create further unnecessary delusions of reality.

Power in the hands of those who do not understand it becomes worthless. Power in the hands of those who seek it becomes illusionary even though it that 'power' is attempted to be displayed at every opportunity. Power and love can only mix when they co-exist.

Without affinity for those who receive that 'power', it all becomes merely one of self_importance. What higher purpose in life could there possibly be? Beyond the veil of death the dream becomes what it has always been, empty of life and illusionary in it's reality. Playing within the dream leads to all sorts of wonderful adventures, but when we remain asleep how can we possibly know the difference?

Stretching the imagination nothing seems real, but beyond the illusionary way of Life lies the forest of knowledge. Beauty is beheld only by those who see. Without seeing existence, where else do we hide but in our dreams.

Waking is best left to those who are willing to face the fear of the unknown and to abide in a reality that will surely be strange and uncomfortable, but comfort embodies the dream where we all reside happily with our eyes tightly sealed. Where else is there to go? What else must be done?

The nothingness of now is the prerogatory of existence. Will you walk the coals and remain unscathed? Fear is not the killer, but the enslavement of us all. To walk, we must first see where it is we are going.

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