Getting Past The Intellectual Mind

(In response to event sychronicity:)

"Rubert's state of mind was in correspondence with your own state of mind, even as you are in some kind of correspondence with your old environment, so in these cases you have a free flow of information at other levels.

Now when you understand that intellectually, then the intellect can take it for granted that its own information is not all the information you possess. It can realize that its own knowledge represents the tip of the iceberg. As you apply that realization to your life you begin to realize furthermore that in practical terms you are indeed supported by a greater body of knowledge than you consciously realise, and by the magical, spontaneous formation of action that forms your existence. The intellect can then realise that it does no have to go it all alone: Everything does not have to be reasoned out, even to be understood."

- The Magical Approach, Seth Speaks About The Art of Creative Living, by Jane Roberts

Affinity contains the potential to change the universe as we know it. Love of something captures us, while love itself will never create the freedom we seek, but will only exist in it's infinite capacity to reflect our true nature.

Truly the universe trembles with delight in our existence.

Once the intellect ceases to be the foe we seek, gladly will it allow the understanding of that which cannot be understood.

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