I Exist

There is no other time than the present to determine one's own future, if that is the word that would describe how one's creations influence our outlook. Reaching beyond the stars means little when our own personal reach falters to a large degree and misses the mark of success.

Our actions and reactions determine the future, but nothing exists in the present scope of attention. That nothingness is home to our most prized and cherished possession, the identity we call 'I'.

I exist, therefore I am. "I came, I saw, I conquered." The land of adventure lie within us as we explore our surroundings with new-found glee and with the utmost attention and inspection. We see ourselves in our surroundings and lo and behold, we interpret ourselves to be.

Beyond the reality of imagination lies the door to our most guarded secrets. Shall you open it or is it best to let it open itself?

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