Hearing The Call

The time of now, the want of now,
Nothing stands in it's way.
Revealing itself, it becomes itself,
Never modifying it's stance of diminutive superiority.

Time stands still in it's worship of All.
The all of All embraces all.
Nothing remains in which to live,
Nothing remains in which to recede from.

Here and Now the essence of All,
Seeks it's victim in quiet solitude.
Fear not as the fear vanquishes the eyes,
Of truth and deception in which we are bound.

Inward it flows and ebbs with our tides,
Of mortality and everlasting freedom.
Seek not as it has already overtaken you,
Fear not, as you have never lived anyway.

Stressing the dream of bonds and bounds,
Seeking the way can never be.
Out of the sleepiness arises the demon,
To destroy our most cherished thoughts.

Hearing the call, the children continue to play.
Heedless and needless of such devotion,
All the while crying in despair,
Nothing is as it should be!

The Grace of God lights the way,
And all about you it's shine reflects.
Seek the light and waylay the dream,
As emotions rise and fall in perpetuity.

Seek the light before destruction reigns,
For when it arrives your world becomes not.
Either way your destiny,
Shall overtake you, like it or not.

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