Banks, Tracks and Experience

The existence of Life sees death in its' hands. Where there is Life, there is the fleeting glimpse of 'reality'. From there, nothing is achieved nor remains in perpetuity. Life seeks its' reward by overcoming itself and rediscovering what it once knew as being the 'real'.

This is, of course, all hogwash. Creating and then finding meaning in Life is quite funny and in that stage acting, experience becomes the unwanted child. Always around, and no matter how much it is decided that one has no further need of it, it finds us where ever we may hide ourselves.

Banks, tracks and experience all lie within the same sphere. These creations help to spur the desired effect in which we immerse ourselves within. Deniability allows us to see ourselves as we wish and to enjoy the emotive experience as if it were the gold of this universe.

Breaking ourselves out of the trap of our own making frees not only ourselves, but is a demonstration, by example, to those around us who wish for the same. Nothing need be said, no effort need be made. What occurs is beyond the dream of wakeful sleep.

An orderly universe allows us to quantify and qualify each and every aspect of its' fullness. Seeking mortality encourages us to fill our daily journals with limitations of 'experience' thereby freeing us of our urge 'to be'. Unfortunately, this urge is never fulfilled, and the banks, tracks and experience never satiated. Our hungry survives us.

The only way out of our experiences is to create the desire for freedom to circumvent our urge for survival. Survival is a limiting idea and for truly creative games, survival is used to fool ourselves that we get a second chance in the game of life.

Life will never resolve itself in much the same way that the mind cannot clear itself. These are of secondary importance even though they can be used as stepping stones in the achievement of our true nature. The funny part, is that our true nature exists even now. What better way to 'hide' from oneself than by deciding not to 'be' oneself. :-)

Planes of existence do exist and the banks, tracks and experiential strata exist as these. Immersion within one is no different than immersion in another. The question becomes, in which will you begin to realize yourself.

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