Earth To Starship OmegaSolution (recommissioned)

Take a look. Above the planet you may notice a starship that has been parked in a stationary orbit for a number of months (there are actually several, but I am referring to one in particular). Normally undetectable, certain electronic measures to ensure it's safety have been compromised and unbeknownst to the flight deck this special mission project has become tenuous in it's target acquisition.

Electronic warfare on this planet is a harmonious outgrowth of the OmegaSolution and the scenario currently being played out above, and within, your head is no laughing matter. From high pitched 'noise' detectable aurally, to pulsed beams felt over the body, these signs all demonstrate the efficacy of electronic manipulation, both terrestrial and celestial. They are also a wake up call to those who know about these things.

There is a way to protect oneself from 'residual opportunistic opportunities', but before you will be successful in this you must already have an understanding of what is currently being played out within this universe.

That last one is really a trick question, so watch carefully what comes up.

Electronics are really a favored approach to manipulation of the individual's will and drive. As you may have noticed in the progression of implants and the techniques thereof, over time, you will see how particle generation, carried over to the individual's home universe, is all the rage.

What better way to control others than to have them believe that the impulses and desires they feel are originating within themselves. This is one of the many reasons that the individual will refrain from questioning their own beliefs and 'codes' of conduct. The thoughts you perceive may not always be exactly what you think that they are.

In light of this, the most difficult problem the individual will face is differentiating between imagination and reality, and at times, the combination of the two. Handling the OmegaSolution will open up a can or worms that may be best left for a time when the individual becomes sufficiently self-empowered whereby they are able to objectively explore this area. The Solution is not unique to this planet, and the effects are not limited to this universe.

I am providing this data in a generalized form purposefully. You may want to consider it only as a mildly interesting topic of discussion, or you may want to look at it as a 'solution' to various events.

000610 update

I've been asked to relay the following data for verification: Electronic monitoring screens do circle the planet, but they also 'gather' in particular spots in various locations on the planet itself. These 'spots' tunnel information and funnel 'selectees' when so desired. One such location is near the southern rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Speculation is that Australia, a Pacific island and middle east locations also exist. (we know how speculation goes :-) )

Personally, I am aware of the Grand Canyon location. If anyone explores this location further please take some precautions as I seem to have rattled a few cages as a result of a demonstration that I was giving to someone a while back.

000614 update

The idea of dimensional shifting (when used for the transportation of people and/or supplies) and the uses of certain 'space' during the process has been noted. I am just including this as a sort of follow up to an individual. The 'shifting' has a particular electronic signature and can be used to predict and sometimes 'adjust' the particle beam to one's own benefit. Sometimes. For this, the best place to start is to read the operator's manual at the designated 'point' locations. If you are able to explore the area, you will find it, just remember that the manual is for reference only.

000615 update

Beams can be pulsed, waved, dual harmonic and scattered (as a few examples). All beams can be traced to origin and handled as necessary. Of course, handling your own has about nil effect on the overall scheme. If the beams or any other electronic manipulation becomes unbearable then handle your decision points on these and leave the origin untouched. These things should be barely noticed and have no lasting effect upon you. If this is not the case, then you probably have no idea what the hell I am talking about.

000617 update

I am going to end off on this, mostly because when an event assumes importance, then it becomes a sticking point. Moving along on these points is much preferred to researching and examining each and every aspect of it. Leave that up to the road map people (always a step behind and not quite sure where the road ultimately goes. :-) ) If you want details, stick yourself bodily and have at it. :-)

The OmegaSolution has mass, but so what. It's only a point in the plan. We have other missions to take care of as well. It's best to just get familiar with it and leave it at that. Same as always. (well, close enough, anyway :-) )1

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