Barriers Of Thought, To Freedom

From time to time we remind ourselves that our existence upon this earth is limited and the span of life short, but never do we forget the torturous route we have taken to get here in order to lay claim to that coveted title we call 'alive'.

This aliveness does not go unnoticed by those around us who continue to wish for us to endure, to great lengths, that torturous route undertaken in the name of God. Bounds and the limitless expanse of restriction expose us to our own failings. We see beyond the bars of our prison and in that acceptance of reality we succumb to our masters.

Restricting those of a dangerous nature takes not only the physical form of iron bars but can be revealed as existing in many, many other forms. What better way to become subservient than through acceptance?

Knowledge, much in the same way as the existence of the physical universe around us, is finite. What happens when that knowledge ceases to become one of the ties that bind us? Are we then able to view our world differently, or is our world exclusively colored by its' creators?

The will to be free requires conviction or else illusion will be substituted. The masters of this universe are not difficult to discern, nor are they difficult to confront. Freedom of thought is all that is required and the conviction to see it through.

Thoughts reverberate against the screen of captivity, is that not your clue?1

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