Time Is Of The Essence

Revivification seems to be a well paying and wildly popular form of entertainment. That is not to say that benefits are not derived, but the extent of those benefits are severely limited. Entertainment is like that and has little longevity. The 'high' must be continually reinvented to sustain interest and that interest is what helps drive the conceptualization of 'time'.

What can be derived from playing with the past and future? Both reside within the mind and solely validates it's own existence and that existence tends to force itself upon it's creator as it has been instructed to do. The trap of creation is the demise of the creator.

If you ponder that one, bypassing the mind's influence, you just may see 'the light'. Death has a purpose and a plan. What better way to ensure the 'future'?

So far, three people have come to me demonstrating the efficacy of the hardship in studying and training for years on end for the supreme self-sacrificing goal of 'helping others'. This is really quite the pompous joke. Ultimately, what it came down to is that 'helping others' is their chosen path of making a living. Why this path? What is being demonstrated is what is called the 'Scio-GPM'. (this GPM is not restricted to practitioners, by any means.)

Breaking free of the mind's intellectualization does not require years of training or 'hardwork', but it does require effort. It requires the effort to see past your own solidity of thought. This solidity is the mind's comfort zone, and the only way to get past it is to understand it's play within your own universe.

Have you ever wanted something so bad that all else was denied? Well, you now have it. What will you do next?

The sequence of events is already known, but until you have tasted your fruits, sweet or bitter, you will never know what that sequence is.

You already know that the belief on this end is that any movement towards an 'understanding' could be considered positive. Practitioners and self-help gurus abound and all provide a valuable service to those who may benefit. :-)

What is the price of your freedom? What are you willing to pay? What hardships will you endure to claim your goal? You see, it is really up to you and attaching justifications (yes, money is a justification) is your own personal brand of 'hell'. What torment will you force yourself through in order to 'learn' what you already know, or is playing 'stupid' more fun?

If you believe in immortality then you already know the answers to much of what I have addressed. Blinders work both ways. You cannot see, and others cannot see you. Once those blinders are removed the freedom you once believed in ceases to exist.


XXXXX has asked me to clarify the Age of Knowledge implant in regard to this system's escape velocity. There is no escape velocity but that which the individual has attached to their knowledge base. Knowledge does has it's downfalls, but when the individual decides to accept Knowledge as commodity, as every good salesman knows, little mention or attention is made to the 'strings' attached.

Creating a 'want' creates the desire for existence. When the individual focuses 'attention' on those wants it creates the opening needed for 'suggest-ability'. The backdoor does not exist without desire. Desire is only a willful focusing of attention to the exclusion of all else. It's a good way to manipulate an individual's actions.

Do you see why the saying "knowledge is power" is so thoroughly believed in? Actually, it is more 'pushed' than 'believed in'. Get it?1

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