The Case for Tabula Raza

Tabula raza is a Latin term that means clean slate. The idea of tabula raza derives from the 4th Century Greek philosopher, Aristotle, who said, "The mind is a clean tablet upon which experience writes."

In the beginning, at least, that proved true. Experience, however, has its say. Every experience, whether negative or positive, is inscribed on that slate which, unless cleaned periodically, becomes layered and muddied with information and misinformation and a basic law of physics takes hold: No two things can occupy the same place at the same time.

When two cars attempt to occupy the same space simultaneously, you'll end up with two mangled cars and the awkward necessity for handling the damage done.

When this takes place in the mind, the flow of positive life-force through the mind to the body is blocked, which nullifies the operation of the ability and productivity paradigm." Knowledgism,


All I can say is this: This is a wonderful job opportunity! Cleaning the slate becomes a lifetime after lifetime requirement in light of the above and since the laws of physics are applied to it, this slate must therefore exist in the physical universe. This, then, cannot be a spiritual road to truth, but a road toward the elimination of a mis-interpreted Aristoleian sound byte.

The Knowledgism web site has a sign in the window which reads "Now Hiring!". The Church of Scientology should be getting a commission, since this site, and it's methods, are a direct spin-off from the cult. The cult of Knowledgism has joined the cult of Scientology in offering Total Freedom, err, a clean slate. It gives me the shivers.

No wonder the guy has a fit at the mention of UCP. Let's face it, Clearing is becoming a big business modeled after the Co$. That should frighten the pants off of anyone who knows better. Thank God the Co$ regularly targets these types of wackos. You are getting sleepy... You must have a clean wallet... eh, slate... your mind is becoming blank... you love clearing... you will believe...

Preying upon the foolhardy makes who the fool? It takes more than money and a breast beating 'helping others' attitude. All it takes is a little 'knowledge'. How's that for irony?

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