The Magician

Since you're in the mood, sit back, relax, and let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time there lived a magician who had studied long and hard on how to manifest and control the physical elements. Lifetimes were devoted to this singular task. Again and agin, the magician would rise up in power but would still feel unfullfilled, as if something was just beyond his grasp. He just couldn't understand what it might be.

The magician would go from place to place, always searching for that elusive 'thing' just beyond his grasp. Then one day, quite by accident, he met a young boy who was engaged in creating illusions for the public. For some unknown reason, the magician was drawn to this boy. As it came to be found out, this boy was not creating illusions, but was actually in control of many of the elements. The magician was amazed that this young boy, in such innocence, was able to do these things and yet remain lighthearted and carefree. "How is it that the elements have not controlled you?" he asked the boy. The boy responded "They do, but so what. It's fun anyway." Therein the magician understood that his quest was over.

The seeking of understanding is what drives men mad. Understanding arrives at the right time to the right person at the right place. Peace be thy nature and all the world is yours.

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