The Battle For Truth

Subject: Konchok Penday's Brave New World - Universal Clearing Process (UCP) - a Hallucinatuion about Life

Koos Nolst Trenite writes:

The purpose and practice of Konchok Penday and his UCP - his (American blasphemy) Gods Church ( - is NOT to find out truth for people about themselves and others, but the purpose is for himself and others to feel good.


Konchok Penday replies:


is NOT to find out truth for people about themselves and others,

That's *RIGHT*! We do NOT find out the "TRUTH", FOR OTHER people. We find it out for OURSELVES, and we give others the data and tools to find it out FOR THEMSELVES...

This is very interesting and the understanding is beyond commonly accepted boundaries.

Finding truth for others is an ego trip of enormous proportions. When an individual begins to create for the sole purpose of 'enlightening' others, you can be sure that individual is desperately seeking help for their own problems and demonstrating their case as a solvable solution for others. It usually works, but in the end the psychosis transforms itself into a different psychotic dramatization.

What follows next is the 'God' syndrome. Once others begin to accept this individual's 'truth', worship is not far behind. God then becomes a symbol and in doing so becomes trapped by their own creation. At this point, the 'God' is not only stuck with the requirement of continuously outflowing along those same previous flows, but must also come to terms with their original upsets, confusions and seemingly insurmountable 'problems'.

Rack 'em and stack 'em.

In order to 'help' others, you must have already 'helped' yourself, otherwise all you are doing is expanding your own case and ensuring that others partake of it. That does not lead one 'out' of the 'trap'. It leads one further in.

If you do not realize where you are going when you 'help', and the real reasons 'why' you want to 'help', then all that will be left is your desire in finding out 'truth' for others and ensuring that they receive that 'truth'.

Implanting works the same way. Someone else's 'truth' being enforced upon another.

The nice thing about all this is that if you do not do this sort of thing, it has no effect upon you. 'Truth' can never be revealed, enforced or even understood. It exists as something totally separate from all the lies (view points) in existence. No matter what is done to cover or 'uncover' it, it remains.

All we can do is nurture the desire to remove the lies. This will not be accomplished through force, coercion or intellectual positioning. Lies reveal the truth. Truth is nothing without the lies in which it lives.1

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