Points Of Power

There is the quietness of emptiness, a peacefullness that creates a tranquility of no-effort. Within that effortless embodiment, nothing moves, nothing rejoices, no demands are given or received. There is no bliss, there is no pain. All that exists is a quiet solitude that is all existence.

Pick a time and place and it becomes real. Feel an emotion and it manifests itself. Create a point of view and life suddenly becomes very different. Riding the emanations of life, it cushions the blow of existence.

Assemblage points determine our reality, but in fact 'reality' neither exists nor is created.

Life has a purpose, but the purpose fails in it's effort of survival.

Death is neither the friend nor the foe in which we seek solitude. Rejoicing in emptiness our whispers reverberate ourselves through time and space, many times becoming lost within the pools of Life.

Energy can be given and taken, but of itself, it has no existence. Trading our collections we feel at ease within the comfort of having what we seek. The warrior's path knows no comfort other than the ruthlessness of intent. Strangely, our worst enemy is the most comforting.

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