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re: Thank you

Thank — for some reason that first came out as ‘thanky’, so I’ll keep it that way. Thanky you VAST and Scipher for your comments. For some reason there seems to be a bit of confusion regarding ‘CitizenCain’. Well, in the destruction of the line… 31 Oct 2001


Mind games require us to play by very defined rules. These rules engage and capture our interest and before you know it, the immersion is denied whole-heartedly. The difference in knowing you are playing versus the idea that you ARE playing are… 12 Jan 2001

The Planet Muldoon

Remember when? Of course, there is always a ‘when’, but in this particular discussion, the ‘when’ entails a time of ‘freedom’. That ‘freedom’ is no different than the ‘freedom’ we are all so diligently and fervently working on, not just for… 27 Dec 2000

Enslaving Ourselves To Freedom

Freedom exists for the benefit of those who have become enslaved by their own wishes. “Ask and ye shall receive.” is a timeless axiomatic way of Life. Enslavement partakes of entrapment in terms of definition and purpose. There is no where to… 21 Sep 2000


Pieces, stuck together form a symbiotic relationship. As identities, we merge into that something which creates them. Running case off of an identity works, but spiritual ‘advancement’ will be hindered to the degree that these identities are… 21 Sep 2000

Boundless Joy

The object of any type of processing, from our point of view, is to resolve sticking issues only. Handling and resolving every single item that comes up is a waste of time and effort, not to mention that it effectively outpoints you into the… 19 Sep 2000

Earth To Starship OmegaSolution (recommissioned)

Take a look. Above the planet you may notice a starship that has been parked in a stationary orbit for a number of months (there are actually several, but I am referring to one in particular). Normally undetectable, certain electronic measures… 18 Sep 2000

Organizational Chaos

Organizational chaos comes from the instability of its’ creators. Much in the same way as any creation; the creation reflects the creator’s intent and purposes. In light of this, where has the Scientology organization gone wrong, or has it? Mr…. 05 Sep 2000

Barriers Of Thought, To Freedom

From time to time we remind ourselves that our existence upon this earth is limited and the span of life short, but never do we forget the torturous route we have taken to get here in order to lay claim to that coveted title we call ‘alive’…. 05 Sep 2000

Researching The Unfathomability Of Existence

The road is clear, existence is an outgrowth of eternity and goes on forever. It never ends in the same way that theta never ends, even though this is quantifying something that is unlimited. Within that limitation experience desires to express… 01 Sep 2000

Reality, Where Does It Begin?

A dream is illusionary imaginings, in spite of the sensations that are derived from it. Imagination and dream coexist as partners in life experience. ‘Reality’, the world in which we envision, is much the same. Other times, other places, all… 29 Aug 2000

The Battle For Truth

Subject: Konchok Penday’s Brave New World - Universal Clearing Process (UCP) - a Hallucinatuion about Life Koos Nolst Trenite writes:… 28 Aug 2000

The Death Of Life

Livingness creates problems for its’ own resolution. There is nothing interesting or exotic about it. You live, you have problems, you find solutions and carry them out. Then, you do it all over again. Its’ called the merry-go-round of life…. 26 Aug 2000

Re: Fifth Invader Battle Plans And Processes

Alien forces carrying on individual operations on selected planets is pretty commonplace. We could take the egotistical view and say that only this planet contains all the ‘right’ ingredients and that mind-based technology has come to a decisive… 24 Aug 2000

Alien Forces

Alien forces carrying on individual operations on selected planets is pretty commonplace. We could take the egotistical view and say that only this planet contains all the ‘right’ ingredients and that mind-based technology has come to a decisive… 24 Aug 2000

The Reality Of Imagination

What is imagination? For a definition just look around you. Your perception of imagination is borne of filtering ‘reality’ through the looking glass of the mind. One may see beauty in an object, another sees repelling emotions. The object… 24 Aug 2000

Space And The Continuity Of Events

Within space thought exists. Within that thought process, the mind creates the appearance of the continuity of existence. It pops up in the strangest of places. An earthquake rattles the natives in Peru, it hails in Nebraska, and a pc in Holland… 22 Aug 2000

Time Is Of The Essence

Revivification seems to be a well paying and wildly popular form of entertainment. That is not to say that benefits are not derived, but the extent of those benefits are severely limited. Entertainment is like that and has little longevity. The… 21 Aug 2000

Life Energy Games

Life Energy Games, if compared to The Pilot’s compendium on thetan history, lies somewhere between the Jewel of Knowledge and the Reality Wars. During this time period, energy and it’s possible uses was explored. Much can be done with energy, it… 01 Aug 2000

Calling All Entities

Entities exist. They have always existed and probably always will. This is a lie of course, but it makes for a good lead-in. Entertainment has that quality. Processing entities can be a full time job. For some it never ends. This is the nature… 25 Jul 2000

Controllers? I Think Not!

Earth has been called the ‘Prison Planet’. It’s also been called ‘Paradise’. As a matter of fact, it’s been called just about every name in the book, but so has every other planet in the universe. Being here is nothing special and it is no… 25 Jul 2000

Mind Knowledge

According to a particular, in some circles popular, belief there are four factors which define activity: time, place, form and event. Precisely locating each aspect of the factors is supposed to relieve certain ‘upsetting’ events and the… 20 Jul 2000

Battle Scarred

I don’t think that even the creator of UCP knows the actual origins of the UCP technique of processing. (Of course, I could be wrong, but this seems to be a good starting point). Scientology, as you may have surmised, is not a new concept. Part… 20 Jul 2000

Picture Perfect

Processing pictures leads to the state of “Clear”. Processing more pictures leads to the state of “Operating Thetan”. Processing even more pictures leads to the wonderful state of “Total Freedom”. Pictures are worth a thousand words and several… 17 Jul 2000

Beyond The Arcturian Facade

Here is another update of my research on dimensional fabrication of space and mind-set functionality dealing with the Arcturian Affair. As you already know, creating individual mind-traps is a game that is based on time measurements beyond… 10 Jul 2000

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