Mind games require us to play by very defined rules. These rules engage and capture our interest and before you know it, the immersion is denied whole-heartedly. The difference in knowing you are playing versus the idea that you ARE playing are very unique. The game continues regardless, but character definition becomes more pronounced.

Breaking free of our roles, we triumph in our glory. Did you forget so easily that it was you who decided to play in the beginning? Where is the triumph in overcoming the obstacles we place before ourselves? Who is really fooling who?

Controlled processing is popular these days, at least in the circles I seem to have placed myself within. Along these lines I offer a flawed interpretation:

According to lore, mind-based games were developed to exercise thought-wave patterns. These emanating fixations would, it was decided, control the flow of time and create a 'standard' of universal acceptance. It worked perfectly.

  1. Create a fixated thought.
  2. Let that thought flow in time.
  3. Let yourself be overcome by that flow in time.
    (This could be worded numerous ways. The point is placing yourself at the leading edge of that thought, watching it come closer, and then becoming overtaken by it.)
  4. What has changed?

Try it a few times and see what I mean. If necessary, ground yourself after, or during the process, but remember that havingness tends to fill in voids and tends to balance out 'effect' and 'no-effect' (which is a whole subject in itself).

Breaking free of recurring thoughts, it can be seen that our 'destiny' becomes fulfilled each and every day. We renew our vows by immersing ourselves within them repeatedly. Can you free yourself from yourself?

Yes, you can. You already know that. I'm just a little reminder that comes along from time to time. :-)1

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