The Fight of Survival

Searching, we discover. What that discovery will come to mean is anyone's guess, but I can tell you now; without discovery your bonds will still remain. Isn't that a scary thought?

Another scary thought is that once the particular desired state of 'enlightenment' is reached, the cycle will repeat. It always has, but if you feel different, please be sure to repeat your qualms on the third time around. Believe it or not, this is the first, or the last. The stage continues to be populated with actors and props, joyfully going about their 'work'.

What comes your way is not what should be feared, the pleasure of fear is it's own reward, so full of life. What comes your way is the hand of fate, demonstrating your purpose in Life. What lovely song you play, shall you play it again?

It is said that out beyond the forest of no-return lies a pond that is the doorway to reality. Resting, the warrior readies himself to once again do battle. Returning, he triumphs in his glory of destiny only to return to fight again and again.

The creatures of that forest watch with seemingly uncaring eyes as the hosts come to and for, never involving themselves in other's business. Why do you as you pass the open arms of God in you never-ending search for God.

About you lies the ruins of your destruction. Shall you mend the broken hearts or will you beg for just one more 'chance'. There are no winners and loser here, only emanations trying to create illusions so real that they will be believed. If not this time, then maybe another.

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