Operating Thetan, WHAT is it?

You've heard the expression "Being a thetan.", but have you ever really had a visual on it? We can easily imagine ourselves as we are, is it just as easy to understand what we really are?

What we really are can be described over and over in various tongues and concepts. As a matter of fact, down through the ages, this is exactly what has been done. Repeating the command "What are you", phrases, ideas and concepts encourage us to explore what some have called the 'thetan'.

Intellectually, this term has come to mean the essence of 'us', of what we really are without all the trimmings and trappings of livingness. We are not our minds, out reactions, our feelings or even that reflection you see in the mirror. Beyond these lie the prime mover of life, the 'Operating Thetan'.

The term 'operating thetan' can be used to mean the 'thing' we have decided to attach a name to. It can be described as being 'us', with all the knowledge, power and understanding that we imagine ourselves as having. It is the 'ultimate' state of spirituality. This is the view we place upon it from where we are currently standing. Looking out across the pond, we imagine ourselves on the other side being quite different from what we are now.

Of course, when we imagine this, we are only fooling ourselves into believing some concept that seems to appeal to our nature. The intellectualization of the concept does not make it real, but we can imagine otherwise.

Operating fron a 'thetan' point of view, we assume the role and see that we have complete control over our actions, and many times, over the actions of others as well. We command our environment and it complies. We stand as no other.

Words such as these lead us to the fount of youth, ever elusive yet compelling. To be 'there' we are not 'here'. When we are 'here' we can only imagine being 'there'. To sort it all out, maybe it would be best to just 'be', neither 'here' nor 'there', but just to 'be'.

The mind games we create are very, very entertaining. What other joy can there be if not self made?

Operating as a thetan means to 'be'. The contradiction of terms fools us into believing that we can 'be' and create mind-games at the same time. This is not so. Mind-games, carried out on the 'thetan' level remain the same. It's just a different channel to 'tune' into, that's all.

Naming concepts has it's advantages. Having no concepts to attach to names is advantageous as well. 'Operating' requires us to have a license. Where are you taking yourself, today?

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