Keeping The Dream Alive

I'm not prone to playing the quotation game and prefer the approach of relating from my own experience and knowledge, so the following, even though the concepts are obviously not new nor original, are entirely my own thoughts on "Keeping The Dream Alive".

The dream I am talking about is spiritual freedom. It is not the dream of a perceived all powerful presence in the universe that can do anything from moving ashtrays to destroying worlds - this is not spiritual freedom, but only a demonstration of desire. The freedom I am referring to is freedom of desire - whatever that personally means to you.

Freedom requires us to withhold ourselves and keep ourselves bound by whatever means we deem to be best for the individuality we call 'I'. How else is freedom to be obtained if not from a standpoint of slavery.

Keeping the dream alive requires us to continue on our path of exploration of uncovering those bonds and thereby gaining the long sought state of 'freedom'. How do you tell if you are on the right bridge to freedom? Simply by asking yourself if the 'real you' is truly happy. This is kind of a trick question because sometimes people get wrapped up in other people thoughts and wishes and finding the 'real you' becomes almost impossible. It would be best to ask this question of yourself in a time of peace and quietude.

If the answer is "yes", then you already know about spiritual freedom and that no one can give it to you. You already know that spiritual freedom comes from within and magically imparts itself on those around you. Congratulations!

If, on the other hand, you find that your 'real' happiness is not quite what it should be, well then, maybe it is time for you to start taking a look at things in a new way. Things are not improving the way they are, perhaps a change, or 'shift' of attitude is required.

Keeping the dream alive can become burdensome, especially when we overload ourselves with more than enough chains, just so that we will REALLY come to enjoy our freedom - when it comes, and that is the key phrase, 'when it comes'.

Believe it or not, it is already here, and available for your enjoyment. I am not talking about one particular philosophy, religion or way of thinking. I am talking about your desire. That same desire when it is misapplied towards 'making money', or 'being the best' becomes uplifting and spiritually moving. Moving is good, because if you were not moving, your chains would require you to seek physical rewards again and again, each time utterly failing in the end. Death settles all scores, or so they say. It settles nothing when it comes to the spirituality that you encompass.

From Scientology, Idenics, UCP, self clearing, all the way to 'mainstream' religions, they all open doors. The choice is yours because it really doesn't matter which door you open. The importance lies in your desire to 'outlive' your own created self-importance. You already know 'you' as a spiritually alive being. You also know yourself as the good Citizen, going about the required daily routine, performing the required daily tasks and enjoying the required 'time off'.

Why not make a spiritual move and keep the dream alive. The nice thing about the dream is that it can be obtained. You already have the opposite. What's stopping you?1

  1. Note: This article was posted to the newsgroups and alt.religion.scientology as part of a particular series. 

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