Looking Is Not The Problem

The knock at the door of our only escape wakes us in the need to respond, reject and deny all in the same breath. What lies ahead lies within the desire of imagination. We seek solace in words and ideas. The sounds of hope capture our ears and we listen with glee, knowing that our escape is certain.

Certainty does not exist, nor does the imagination we hold so dear. Looking beyond the sights we have created, nothing exists so we fill in the blanks, for surely the emptiness must become fulfilled. Stretching, our emanations grow to encompass the entirety of existence, from the present heading in both directions with purpose.

Therein lies the problem we seem to so desperately seek to resolve. Demonstrating ourselves to ourselves, we see, but the sight of truth prevails not. If it were to prevail, we would surely die.

Logical deductions and introspective reasoning, fate decides our destiny. What more could we do?

Our aimless course through time resolves to here and now, only to be ignored in the hope of the future. Looking is not the problem.

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