Nothing Out Of Nothing

Definitive characteristics are displayed according to the type of mind employed. These various types each have their own unique make-up, purpose and style of results.

One enduring quality common to all minds is the process of creation, sustainment and eventual decomposition. It does not matter what occurs in between these steps, as these events are 'automatically' constructed and fulfilled. These are merely byproducts of the creationary effect and the focussing of attention on that area will produce little of consequence.

Eventualities are subject, and must adhere to, the process of creationary movement in which the mind becomes 'individualized'. The terminology could just as easily be applied to identity, individual, 'the being', etc. The mind functions to create the appearance of separation. This is why mindfullness, as practiced by various spiritual philosophies, is most successful in initiating the breakdown of that separation.

The mind is the cause of the beingness involved. It creates the identity in which is placed the God of 'I'. In reality, there is no reality, individual or thought processes created in an attempt at 'understanding'. Understanding occurs within the construct of the mind and has no use beyond it's borders. Look and you will see mind in action. These cannot be separated and are one and the same.

To remove the mind from the equation is superfluous. It must occur as if by itself. Although this contradiction is an uncomfortable one for the mind, it exists none-the-less. Humorously, using the mind to understand conceptualizations beyond it, cannot help but make you smile. Spiritual philosophies is a contradictual term and as much as using the mind to understand the mind, it can only attempt to point to a truth that could never be spoken.

Truth is like that. It can not formulate and express itself through the mind as it's existence is separate from and entirely foreign to, the mind, thoughts and the experience of expression. It does not exist and never will. In relation to the 'here and now' there is no separation. All time, all place, and all existence are one in the same. The mind makes it otherwise.

Just because an object makes something out of nothing does not mean that the nothing IS nothing. Well, actually it is, but it doesn't have to be. :-)

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