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The _Human_ Form

Being human is no different than a spiritual being. Being one thing or another is just that - going to the costume party in full regalia. We are what we are so delving into one's nature seems if not downright silly then at least worthy of... 16 Feb 2012

Life Is Worth Living

Life is said to be worth living, but isn't that what Life is all about anyway? Confounding simplicity creates the hardships which we gleefully throw at ourselves each and every day. The only hardship that exists is the effort in which we place... 27 Aug 2008

In Time Of Need

In time of need, we become needfull. To be "need-full" one must be devoid of need and thereby undertake the quest of full-filling the vacancy. Our cup must be filled to overflowing. In this search and discovery of great intent we relish the... 15 Jan 2008

Driving Miss Daisy

A drivers license is a requirement by the State to ensure that a person wishing to freely move about and on the roadways become identified and identifiable. In order to create regimented and orderly activities upon these roadways, the driver... 03 Jan 2008

Uniquely You

We carry our characteristics when ever and where ever we go. How else will our friends be able to recognize us? There is a core of our being that remains the same through thick and thin. No matter what 'experience' we have subjected ourselves... 13 Aug 2001

For An Empty Case, They Will Come

"Case? I don have no stink'in case." A case contains something, whatever that 'something' is. From clothes to mental concepts, it's containment allows for a certain amount of freedom in one's exterior exploration. Why does one need to carry... 08 Aug 2001

Nothing Out Of Nothing

Definitive characteristics are displayed according to the type of mind employed. These various types each have their own unique make-up, purpose and style of results. One enduring quality common to all minds is the process of creation,... 29 Jan 2001

Egotistically Speaking...

Pride kills itself by efforts directed to the sole benefit of others. It cannot survive in an area where thoughts for others are greater than the desire for one's own survival, but on the other hand, desire ensures pride's growth. We nurture our... 04 Sep 2000

Getting Out Of The Way

As an identity, there exists that which has created the identity. This takes precedence over the clothes in which that 'something' uses to express itself. Resolving the identity helps to resolve that 'something' even though it cannot be directly... 04 Sep 2000

Be Brave, Be Yourself

From religious beliefs to our own individual thoughts, realization is constantly used as a reminder that our embodiment in physical form contains meaning only within the framework of spirituality and even then, the form seems of little import.... 24 Aug 2000

The Ochoa Incident

Time requires continuity in some form or another. In order that this continuity be understood, the Ochoa Incident at Krondor was created. Let the mind games begin! Salvadore Ochoa desired a way of incorporating a time piece within each identity... 24 Jul 2000


The idea of 'thetans' being the spiritual controlling force of this universe is hilarious and the fabrication of believability is even funnier yet. The term 'thetan' has evolved quite a bit from it's sky-high beginnings. Hubbard, as he progress... 20 Jul 2000

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