Racing To The Moon

We are all one. There is no God. On and on go the ways and means of those who wish to impart their version of wisdom upon our souls. In following, we can escape. It's all lunacy of course but there is nothing like a good story which captivates and carries us away to far off lands beyond our little box of chocolates.

What's the point of consciousness if there is nothing but that. Shall we endure trials and tribulations in order to 'realize' that we are. What is the point of experience. Is there more to the projection screen of Life and Living upon which we place hopes and dreams, success and failures. Diving deep we find meaning and in so doing we bestow upon ourselves but another star of accomplishment upon the plaque and stack of awards all tucked neatly away in the closet, ready at a moments notice for proud display.

As we 'progress' through the many layers of a self imposed ignorance we find relief and standing. It feels good to be.

As the story book unfolds the narrator continues, completely unconcerned with what may come. It all plays out no matter the circumstance or who it is that has taken an interest in such. Follow the story line children, we are after all in kindergarten are we not?

It's not about peeking beyond the veil of your own ignorance or of gaining insight into the secrets of the Universe. Neither actually exist, sorry to interrupt the programming to tell you that. Okay, never mind that.

There is no home to go to unless one has been kicked out to 'learn' and 'experience' what is not home. That's not quite correct but perhaps you get the point.

The Universe, and this world, are an amazing place for those things that require time, space, and an good dose of self-identity.

Therefore I self-identify1 as nothing2.

  1. Considering the times I thought that I would throw that in, in an inclusionary way of course. 

  2. Believe it or not this is quite relevant to the article. It also explains a great deal. 

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