Postcards From The Edge

In an age of disparity I stand alone.

We all stand alone so it's no 'big' deal. As we stand alone in our stance and dance of creation all things encircle us. Reflecting our expression we reap what we sow purposely and in planning such the future takes hold of us as if we are merely in the back seat being driven according to the winds of change and 'destiny'. There are no roads upon which we are ignorant, pretension not withstanding.

There is a life to be lived despite the proclivity to become so enamored with our reflection that we 'lose' our selves in lazy afternoon daydreams of this or that. Take your pick, it's all the same.

Eventually we return 'home' and find that nothing has at all changed and the place looks the same as if we had never left. Nothing has been touched, even by the hand of god. As we throw our hands up into the sky of celebration we joyously embrace our sense of being and belonging. Are we not part and parcel of all that is? Without 'you' there is nothing else.

Stepping off the bus we arrive as in full knowledge that we are what we think we are and in so becoming we fully arrive at a place called destination. There are things to do and people to which we are obliged. It's a match made in heaven and 'damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead!' The undercurrents tell the tale.

It takes what it takes and much as the tide rises and falls so too is our nature. In frequency we sustain our image and project what needs projection. It is the way of things.

As you follow your path don't forget to send a few postcards now and then. It's always nice to hear from you.

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