Somnambulist Dreaming

Reality is such a funny thing as is it's first cousin, perspective. Taking root, we find our place in this Universe and from that little tiny pinprick we take flight venturing out into the 'unknown' lands of beyond. Finding what is real in a haystack of conceptions is about as funny as a sense of being or even becoming. As we play tricks with ourselves the mirror never lies, but our self-created perception does.

In this life of dreams there is little of concern and so we create that which we wish to sow. In coming full circle we stand firm and yet plead our case. Surely the answer lies outside our realm of experience, baggage and all. As the wheel turns nothing happens so what is the point, appearances to the contrary.

At the end of the day as we take notes and compare strategies the door to our future opens, beckoning us ever onward. Is this the way out? Can this be the ticket to escape the clutches of our own entrapment. It's been said that the way out is the way through but I do not agree with the programming. Convincing ourselves of containment, we become contained and so strive until the ends of time for the ever just out of reach, freedom.

Standing watch, I find that the drama also known as castle intrigue, of Life and Living endures but a passing glance. There is always the interplay of emotions between those of interest, is that your purpose, your point in being? Is finding superiority in emotional content the battle where a line in the sand has been breached and so duty requires strength and power to prevail, at all costs?

Endurance requires a sustained conviction as it's energy source with emotion creating the spark of ignition.

Does anyone know what the 'right' thing to do is any more?

If I have fallen from Grace then surely I can be counted upon as being among the welcoming masses. Welcome home goes the cry as it reverberates among the many.

The point here is that I have and do stand alone1.

  1. Sorry bud, no party for you. What does that tell you. 

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