Capitalistic Spiritualism AKA The Grind

Capitalism is alive and well, thanks for asking. It has survived many onslaughts of opposition where the givers battle the takers. In the balance there is no balance as right and wrong become enmeshed in ideology. Personally I dislike, to a great degree, the almighty dollar and it's contract with the holder and beholder. In the wider scope of our existence, it is meaningless1.

I think that it is amazing the number of people 'out there'2 who have declared solidarity with the principals of acquisition. While it is true that this playground embraces every thing imaginable it doesn't mean that self-discipline should send up the white flag of surrender. I'm not referring to constriction here but of rules of the road, so to speak3.

When we see others who loudly proclaim victory of one silly thing or another the masses take it as an example of righteous being. Are we not owed wealth and 'happiness'? Should we not pull in and embrace another's vision of glorious battles and of course, conquest. In the crab bucket there is no elbow room.

What is the purpose of life? It's not about the purpose of life so much as it is about the purpose of you. Participating in and being part of the game is like a day at the amusement park. Someone else decides your fate. Being sensory deprived we love it when someone else provides the vehicle for such. In depriving our own sense of being we take on another's idea of such and gladly pay the price of admission4.

Life is the board game of your choice upon which experience extends it's helping hand. And so as the wheel turns the winning hand takes all5.

Childhood games are dense, predictable and lacking in depth. Kind of like the third 'dimension'6.

In the movie theater called life is it always more interesting for me to watch the watchers than it is in participating in the illusion. Players can become so engrossed in their adventure that their pleading of not being disturbed rings loud and clear. The sales 'men' did a great job.

Please, continue unabated7.

  1. Feel free to give it the meaning you wish for yourself. 

  2. In more ways than one. 

  3. There are none so please bear that in mind. 

  4. Consequences require action. 

  5. It's impossible to win or to lose. You as creation creates the rabbit and the hat along with the ensuing 'surprise'. 

  6. What a funny analogy. 

  7. But don't pretend that I'm only sleeping. Well, okay, go ahead if it pleases you because this is all about 'you' of course. I wouldn't want to interfere with your ticket purchase. Eventually it gives way anyway so have at it. See you on the 'other' side. 

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