In The Sands Of Time

Eventualities come and go and while some linger most resoundingly do not. There is no here to remain and purposefully so. Change is the name of the game. Wouldn't want the kids to get bored would we?

While events come and go there are some things which remain steadfast but with sleepy eyes it can be quite difficult to see. Comprehending is another story altogether but let's never mind that for now. In this time of pushing and shoving it doesn't matter what the tide of will determines. It's neither here nor there. Sorry to have to tell you that.

Strolling along the winding path we can take forever and a day to see the sights and explore our intentions encompassing fully all of the twists and turns which we have come to embrace and call our own. It is not so. It's not about believeability as what is, is. Nothing changes that but it seems "seeing is believing" despite the veil of darkness with which we have contracted with. Go ahead, give the devil his due.

In reaching and grasping we ordain ourselves with righteousness cloaking ourselves to become. It doesn't matter the what but boy oh boy is the who important! Or so we think. Thinking does not make it so but don't tell our hopes and dreams that1.

Our 'time' here on Earth is short, unbelievably so. In the blink of an eye we play out our fantasies and yet there is no time in which it all happens. There is a point to it all of course but when we throw a tantalizing bone the dog will most assuredly jump to conclusions. Good boy!

Living is a lie2 but don't take my word for it.

  1. That's funny! 

  2. Insert disclaimer here. 

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