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Somnambulist Dreaming

Reality is such a funny thing as is it's first cousin, perspective. Taking root, we find our place in this Universe and from that little tiny pinprick we take flight venturing out into the 'unknown' lands of beyond. Finding what is real in a... 11 Feb 2024

The Sounds of Silence

The silence around us tells the tale. The echoes of a past thought dead and buried rise to the surface in the hopes that sunlight will bring salvation. When the pot gets stirred all sorts of things come to the surface. It's the whole point of... 01 Dec 2022

Grace From Heaven

Falling from Grace, do we then recover? Are we even able to do such? Perhaps it is in the falling that one finds redemption but there really is little use for recovering 'alcoholics' who need a nice and long path to the fields of a heaven firmly... 03 Aug 2015

Motionless Movement

In effort we lose grace. Just a few words to the wise.... 18 Aug 2013

Hearing The Call

The time of now, the want of now,Nothing stands in it's way.Revealing itself, it becomes itself,Never modifying it's stance of diminutive superiority. Time stands still in it's worship of All.The all of All embraces all.Nothing... 13 Nov 2000

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