The Sounds of Silence

The silence around us tells the tale. The echoes of a past thought dead and buried rise to the surface in the hopes that sunlight will bring salvation. When the pot gets stirred all sorts of things come to the surface. It's the whole point of stirring the pot to begin with.

Coming face-to-face with what stares at us in the mirror of Life and Living is not an easy task but there is no escape from one's self. Pulling out the trusty bag of tricks and digging deep provides little in the distraction department as sooner or later it all runs out.

We are not alone.

We can grace ourselves with unlimited time in order to perpetuate the fraud but these things have a way of unfolding, as if all by their selves. Nothing is hidden. There are no secrets and there is no such thing as an accident.

As we plunge deeper into the abyss of ignorance our escape route eventually ends. Usually not by choice and in the thrall of conviction that little ray of sunshine begins to take shape. Struggling with effort we eventually see.

In the echo chamber the cacophony of existence must give sway to a deafening silence.

It can be like the thunder of God striking deep within.

There is no going back.

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