Jiggy, Jaggy

Okay, the jig is up.

Adjusting to this and that can be a seemingly endless task to endure. It can take forever and a day to come to terms with where it is that we have found our selves. Eventually, we all land and upon termination revelation occurs. Falling from grace is not an option.

We cannot escape our selves and there is no going back. We can reinvent reality to accommodate our beliefs but who is it that we are really trying to convince? As the weight bears down upon our shoulders who are we to disregard such. WHo are we to determine what should and should not be brought forth to our attentive gaze. All minds think alike.

If destiny requires conviction does that mean we cannot change our minds? Freedom of will means that there is freedom of the will. As we think, we are.

Entertaining conviction, we seem to become but it is a lie of great proportions.

If only you could see what it is that is before your eyes awaiting discovery.

There are no secrets.

If nothing else, just remember that.

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