I Am But A Forgotten Note Upon The Scale Of Time

Subtle are the ways and means of ‘discovery’. It’s true, there is nothing new in this universe nor beyond. It is all known but can be considered to be knowable. It’s the old ‘seek and ye shall find’ trick of the craft. Master Magicians tend to seek like challenges.

I suppose that another word for ‘magician’ is ‘sheep’.

There are many considerations which become ‘tested’ upon the sands of time. If you do not wish to leave footprints perhaps it becomes wise to look back upon your own ‘progress’.

We are all but silks upon the developing husk. Sooner or later ripeness sets in motion the inevitable. There is no going back once the path is tread. Conjuring destiny, we live it1.

As we endure our road ahead all things come to pass. We make sure of it.

  1. And ‘live’ to tell the tale. 

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