Let The Children Fly

There are no 'children' to behold so that reference is moot.

We all find time to take flights of fancy. In escaping from the flight plan our sense of adventure comes to the fore. Something must keep us 'alive'. Our image is sacrosanct and as it plays out on the billiard table we never wind up from whence we came. Certainly we can not be blamed.

One's sight moves to and fro according to one's own proclivity and in adjusting the sights of the barrel our creations provide us the feedback so necessary to the development of that which we have molded and shaped into something of great value. The care with which we bestow upon our creation is glorious indeed.

Neither is the humble nature explored nor embraced and so with great fanfare, all is revealed. Laid before us is all that we need know and yet that something, way back in the far reaches of the closet of neglect, calls us. We can never let go of that which we have embraced. It's a lie of course but who are we to argue.

Traveling the Universe, all is revealed but when we never leave 'home' we remain ignorant and yes, stupid. No one can fool us like we ourselves and there is no greater 'enemy' than we our selves.

Are you getting the pattern yet?

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