Scrubbing The Line Of Deceit

Sometimes we end up playing the shell game. Tossing and turning like a good restless night's sleep we churn the burn exposing our underbellies in the process. It's not about who's right but about what is right. Letting the drama of Life and Living get in the way reveals little other than our own proclivities. It's true, we are what we are.

Hiding in plain sight there is little in the way of hazy afternoons proclaiming the delight we so relish. Taking it all in we find ourselves knocking on our door so as to let us in. As we dance with delight the universe sings in the same key and as the echoes of our passing reverberate upon the fields of play, the game continues in appearance. We rule the universe and our sight provides the impetus to carry on.

As we stand steadfast all becomes revealed.

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