Swallowing The Pill Of Forgetfullness

Expectation can be a killer. Waiting and wondering as we are left in the dark awaiting a final victory which somehow always eludes us. Time and time again we ignore what we do not wish to see and yet weep when consequence comes knocking upon our door. Ignorance is no excuse for awareness.

As we let the current take us on our journey we become swept away with belief, immersed with our expectations of right and wrong. Soon or later we must come face-to-face with our outcomes. Running serves no purpose other than to delay the inevitable. Buying but another day is the cowards creed.

If our actions define us then surely our thoughts have no other purpose than to delay the inevitable. Spinning wheels go no where and serve little purpose other than to dig ourselves deeper in an oblivion we seem to rather relish. Where is the fun in that?

Pretending our way forward we stumble and mumble into the night of not just ignorance, but despair. The way to happiness is not fraught with despair but of uplifting dreams of that which is yet to come.

Make it happen.

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