Walking In A Timeline of Re-Occurrence

Deja Vue. If you haven't experienced it just wait a bit, perhaps a moment or two, or even three. Timelines have a way of repeating themselves and if you've been paying attention their very existence comes into question. It's not about the black cat1 but about waking up2. At the end of the road, turn left.

The mind can play numerous tricks and traps but it is nothing less than we ourselves having a good time. There are no limitations.

As we walk the depth and breath of our existence all things come to pass. As we take a slice out of time our ignorance resembles it's self. We cannot know that which we cannot know. All else is up for grabs and since our way in defines it's self there is nothing left to wonder about. We are right where we should be.

For some stumbling over ourselves remains a joy to behold but in reality there is no such thing. Lies perpetuate of their own accord, at least that is the story line but we do know better do we not? All the Kings horses and all the kings men just couldn't seem to make it right. In our break with reality all things come to pass.

There isn't a 'right' way and there is no 'wrong', there just is. Even though all else becomes swallowed whole in due regard it really doesn't matter. We hold all the keys,

It's not a popular subject but who am I to argue. Therein lies the discrepancy.

Therein lies the freedom to which one's birthright has bestowed.

Let that sink in,.

  1. Cue Matrix movie reference. 

  2. Please realize that there is no 'waking up' to be had. 

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