Captured And Enveloped With A Sense Of Purpose

Isn’t living life with purpose such a pleasant and rewarding experience. Think of it, to come out the other side with pride is something noteworthy enough to provide us with a sense of purpose and plan. How could we not.

All eyes are upon us.

There are no secrets and there are no ‘co-incidences’. Isn’t that enough to work with?

We are what we have made our selves to be. Complaining about the end result is pretty useless as the only blame that can be dished out is to our selves. From the beginning to the end we are the result and the propensity for ‘change’. Surely out there lies the secrets we have all been waiting for.

Dimly aware, we stumble into the night. It’s a nice fairy tale but since we carry the torch of sight and insight the way forward is always bright. It leads us into a future where we are.

It’s not about a struggle session in order to enact conviction so as to propel us into forward motion. The point is where are you headed? In what direction have you taken yourself in order to find out that here is where you are and where you have always been. Breaking free of the tyranny of self-deception requires something else other than conviction. Setting one’s mind to a problem does not guarantee results.

The monkey on your back is not your friend.

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