Galactic Intervention

It's no secret that there is more to this world than meets the eye. There is also much, much more to this Universe than meets the eye. Perception is like that, 'deadly' in it's effects. There is no escaping the inescapable.

Around the block we go and go and no body knows the depths and breath of all that is. Intelligence tends to leave it's shoes at the door when it comes to such endeavors. Try as it may, it always fails. Sorry to break the news but there are rungs on the ladder1.

Flat or round the 'world' about us exists. It's quite demonstrable in it's effects. There is no escaping it's clutches and there is no going back. Pity history but it's not all it's woven out to be. Old wives and their tales lives on and on and despite the wool we pull over our eyes reality is there for the taking2. Doesn't that make you feel better now?

There is a whole slew of cast and characters which come and go repeatedly and yet, here we are, basking in the warm glows of our hearts and minds. It seems like our acclimation is unchanged but believe me, there is no thing which remains as such. We are what we are and yet we become3.

Just when we think it's 'safe' to go back in the water...4

There has never been a time nor place where we have not been in good hands. Whether internal or external the result is the same.

I think I will let go of some party poppers in celebration!5

  1. In relation to perception, but we all know it's a fool's errand. 

  2. Wow, what a crock. 

  3. Sounds like a good breakfast cereal slogan. 

  4. Cue ominous music here. 

  5. Feel free to join if for no other reason than to celebrate life. That is noteworthy is it not? 

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