Twisting, Turning And The Bending

As the honored willow bends with the wind and yet never breaks there still remains the fact that the tree provides many opportunities to clean up after it's self. Yes, it can get messy but it is the way of the world. If you know then you know.

There is always a way forward. Our choice is but to follow or perhaps even to lead but the fact remains that there is a way forward. None dare call it 'destiny' nor even 'fate' and yet, there it is in it's full glory to hold and behold. In the eyes of the beholder all is revealed1.

No one lives under a rock though the rock may bear fruit. Not all is as it appears and yet remaining in conviction the opposite becomes true2.

Just when all expectation is shattered and as the reigns becomes clear the way forward follows suit. We are never alone3.

The path may twist and turn but purpose and intent remains.

If you don't like the channel please, go ahead and change it4.

  1. Well, a lot of that depends upon the sight being taken in. 

  2. Tis a sad tale indeed. 

  3. Not ever. 

  4. You can lead a horse to water but go ahead and try to make it drink. 

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