The Witching Hour

Time comes and goes. And then there is the time of adjustment1. In the hour of holding one's breath in order to relish the sights and insights much comes to be revealed - if one so decides. In decision all things come to pass while also creating a future to behold. There is no hindsight here, only a path into a future which appears not yet imagined.

As the wheel turns so do time and action. It all unfolds no matter the seeming 'consequence'. Reading past the obvious we come to see that which lies before us. Though never hidden we tend to propose otherwise so as to carry the flame of a torch we would rather not recognize.

Traveling down this road or that makes no matter as we are what we are. All else follows suit. Reaching for the stars, we tend to blind ourselves to where we are and in so doing fall from grace. There is never a time where we find ourselves where we should not be. It's not about being 'comfortable'.

As we project, we become, filling the empty void with ourselves. We become the entertainment we so desire and bath in it's glory. Staring at the mirror, we embolden ourselves with ourselves.

Unfortunately, the King has no clothes.

  1. Or so it seems. 

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