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The Witching Hour

Time comes and goes. And then there is the time of adjustment. In the hour of holding one's breath in order to relish the sights and insights much comes to be revealed - if one so decides. In decision all things come to pass while also... 23 Oct 2022

Here We Are

From whence we came so it is that we return. Though the 'circle of life and death' brings us full circle, appearances can be deceiving. We do live in the time of our need. Encapsulating ourselves with thoughts we find ourselves removed from... 07 Sep 2022

Digging Down Deep

Are we as shallow as we are led to believe? Through all the corporate shenanigans, through all the whispered gossip and behind the back tales, are we really so gullible as to follow each and every ideological mental construct that comes our way?... 25 Jul 2005

What Are You Doing Tonight?

Speaking, we hear the call, but upon closer inspection we realize it is nothing but the echoes of our own thoughts, reverberating in our empty space. Appearances, as always, are as deceiving as we are. Within the empty space, we purchase all... 25 Nov 2002

We See What We See

There is the one who exists for all time, for all place, for each and every thought that passes through from conception to creation. There is the one who exists for no one and no thing. The one and only one can be none other than the stance from... 28 Jun 2001

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