Digging Down Deep

Are we as shallow as we are led to believe? Through all the corporate shenanigans, through all the whispered gossip and behind the back tales, are we really so gullible as to follow each and every ideological mental construct that comes our way? How do we determine which imagery to believe and which to toss without regard? Can each of us really be our own counsel?

There are so many questions to entertain ourselves with, so many fields of knowledge to explore and so many experiences to share. With all of this activity is it any wonder that we are completely incapable of pulling ourselves up by our boot straps and reaching for the sky? Remember, the sky is always there and here we are, ever ignoring and shying away from our rightfull place in Eternity.

It comes to be a very, very strange concept when we contemplate our eternal existence as mortal beings. How is it that we have so easily fallen and come to be regarded as fodder for the totalitarian regimes which inhabit this planet? How is it that in fear we live and in fear we die and so turn our heritage into a valueless commodity traded by those who have expertise in it’s use. It seems that we have become deaf, dumb and blind to our selves and so impart our perception upon the world at large.

Is this why there are so few people who actually care for other beings? Is this why there are so many people chomping at the bit to lead you to where it is that you should go?

It all comes down to our own willingness to turn away from our selves and to let the wonder and beauty of our nature be trampled and spit upon. Who in their right mind would find beauty horrific?

The answer lies with no one but our selves. As we turn away from our nature we create death and destruction and in their wake we find ourselves clinging to hope and to despair. What will it take to separate our selves from our actions and to finally be able to see with a clear and clean perspective?

Perhaps the urge to take on another perspective is merely one more game in our repertoire of unwillingness to remain as we really are. Unless and until we cease our frenzied activity we will get no where very fast. Playing mind games does nothing but extend our playing field. Should not our efforts be devoted to not overcoming but understanding the games we play? What is it that we are really doing? What is it that we really want?

Coming face to face with our wants and desires brings to light our selfishness and in meeting ourselves we redefine ourselves.

In other words, when one catches hold on one’s self then nothing else matters. But when we place the importance of our existence upon some thing, some action, we thereby lose our being and start to become. When one is busy becoming then there is little room for being.

When we have no where to go and nothing to do our spiritual nature remains and in that enormous entirety everything ‘happens’.

Everything just ‘happens’.

It’s a freedom that just can’t be bought, given nor rightfully due. It just is.

Isn’t it refreshing to know that no matter what, our spiritual nature remains as ever. Who could possibly want to change that? Who could possibly even pretend otherwise?

These days there is a lot of pretension, but that pretension does not make it so. It only reinforces the fact that as that pretension fails and falls away there is nothing left but we our selves. And so as ever, there is nothing left but we, our selves.

If we do not take joy in our selves, if we do not become or be the joy of our selves, then we are surely lost in a world gone mad.

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