Spiritual Usury

Most of the world’s religions are engrossed in monetary rewards the form of which matter not whether of tangible goods or instruments of debt. Selling religion is quite a prosperous undertaking and many relish it with glee. Everything comes to be had - for a price.

For those who wish to bargain with man’s spiritual nature there can be but one result. Spiritual ignorance.

Isn’t it strange that ignorance is now bought and sold? What is even more nefarious is that these zealots preach and moan that all others must share the same fate.

How does one become uplifted by paying for the privilege?

It’s like paying the warden to enter prison.

If you pay for a spiritual heritage just remember that you just may get much more than you bargained for.

If one is of a spiritual nature then that nature is about as far removed from monetary exchange as a piece of dust is to the entire universe. If a spiritual teaching is grounded in false promises then where is the spirituality?

Just because the coin has such an aesthetic appeal because of it’s luster it does not mean that it has worth.

If the basis of spirituality is rooted in physicality then where is the spirituality? Just because most people on this planet confuse the two that doesn’t mean that we should go along with it.

If physical needs must be met then why pretend otherwise?

The next time you start to reach for your wallet when someone mentions ‘spiritual freedom’ just remember that no receipt, no tax deduction, no bartered goods will reward you with the freedom as so gloriously presented by the barker. Spiritual freedom cannot be bought nor can it be sold. It is everyone’s individual right to behold.

All you have to do to see it, is to look. No organization is required, no club or circle of like-minded people to join, no satanic rituals to perform and no idol worshipping is necessary.

If one has a sincere interest in spirituality the amazing thing is that it appears.

Try that one in the meat market!

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