Engaging In Self Sacrifice

Sacrifice is the giving up of something to that which is far greater than our selves. When we sacrifice our selves we are, in effect, giving the entirety of our egotistical existence up to that which has a consciousness/awareness far above our own perceived corner of the universe. This is the same as proclaiming that we are intent in killing our egotistical nature for the benefit of touching the All-mighty.

You see, a duality can not exist when we are in complete harmony with that which supersedes all and through whatever device we may use to clarify It's name, all fall far short of fruition and so It's name shall remain Nameless. To do otherwise is but to encourage our own selfish desires to identify and classify our perception. When we identify with our perception we create our world and so move away from the Heart.

Perception is nothing but the mind in motion.

When we toss away all our beliefs we are tossing away our dependence upon the mind. Isn't it strange that the mind was created and then it appeared as if we were the created? As we collect perception we have already fallen into the trap of our own design.

Sooner or later, we must face the fact that in order to free ourselves from ourselves we must make the ultimate sacrifice - our selves. The entirety of our perceptual framework must be offered up to the Heavens in order to appease our true nature and if it so happens that our sacrifice is of sufficient depth and breath, we may, we just may come face to face with the idea that we can never reach the Heavens so long as it remains in and of us. One cannot attain what one already is but we can certainly pretend otherwise.

In our pretension, the mighty sword has swung and in it's devastation lies the ruins of our existence. And so we pay the price for our misgivings. Is this the way of the honorable warrior?

The mightiest foe we have ever confronted looks upon us each and every time we look into the mirror.

And with but a single glance the House of Cards comes down.

Until such time perhaps it may be of benefit to make an offering and to say that you are on your way.

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