Exchange And Promises Kept

The concept of exchange is flawed. According to the rules of conduct when it comes to exchange, one must be on the receiving end once when one 'gives'. This is actually ludicrous since business dealings always tend to go bad after a while.

When it comes to matters of the spirit, there is no exchange. There are no needs and/or desires that one must bring closure to. We are not giving so that we receive, we give because we have no need to receive, and we receive because we have no need to give. Neither are related.

When one looks for balance, rules of the road become as habitual as our own wondering minds. Never staying in one place, satisfaction never arrives. Looking for ways to ensure our own 'growth', we enforce our views on others as to what constitutes 'acceptable' conduct.

In order to fill our own emptiness, we seek out those who will fullfill our demands. Rules of the road are quite strict you know, and so we stumble about spreading our 'exchange' gospel according to our own whims.

It's funny how some will promote ideas and concepts and yet never live up to them. Always seeking out appropriate patterns of behavior in others and yet leaving the charity of ourselves behind. Surely our desires of others' right conduct stems from our own shortcomings. How else is it that it becomes so prevalent in others?

We do indeed, make the world about us, reflecting ourselves with anticipation and glee.

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