Stealing Home

The current push by the various political agendas of this country are fervently continuing to ramp up their ingress into the hearts and minds of the public through typical and topical means. Fear is obviously running rampant among the heathen lords of our destruction. They are afraid and will go to great lengths to subdue that fear.

But what is it that these monsters are afraid of? Could they be so terribly frightened of everyday Dick and Jane that they recoil in horror at even the mention of their names? Something occurred to transform the elite's mind set from one of comfort and security to fear and anguish. The effects of this current mind set is being played out upon all who will listen. (Having control of all communications certainly helps to bring in the shell-shocked masses 'erroneous' thinking.)

Are the egotists afraid of everyone or are they particularly prone to psychosis in regard to but a few. Sometimes, finding a needle in a haystack can be very, very difficult. It's helpful to separate the wheat from the chaff by controlling the wind speed and direction as well as the movements of the stalks of despair. Like a western round-up, the cattle must be poked and prodded to perform their well understood acrobatics. Humans are like that - poked and prodded and are able to perform some very interesting acrobatics all in the name of comfort and security.

There is no comfort and security but a great deal of time, money and effort is expended in creating the illusionary market we have today. But cattle and sheep do not see this nor are they willing to see anything else but their own mating call as well as that wonderful green pasture just up ahead.

There is a great internal inspection going on in this country that has spilled over the entire planet.

One can only hope that they find what they are looking for...


10 Jun 2005

More Than Meets The Eye

Of course the implication of this is more than just something to ponder.

Before the rats leave a sinking sink they tend to scurry to and fro as if their pants are on fire screaming "Terror alert! Terror alert!" or some such nonsense.

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