Living In A Dark Age

Darkness, that nefarious villain of yore, tends to envelop the unwary and to consume the lazy. When we move away from ourselves, we become very lazy indeed so is it any wonder that we are living in a time of Darkness right now and are trying desperately to get out?

In the land of the free, we are bound, gagged and chained. There is no freedom but in thought, for in fear we are more than conquered, we are subdued and enslaved. Freedom becomes whatever it is that we are told. The lazy have no voice, no say in their life of destitution and regret. When we are away from home we become subject to the rules and regulation of whoever's home turf we have haphazardly stumbled into.

Is there anything that makes sense anymore?

Nothing will make sense unless and until we look into the mirror and come to know of what exactly we are seeing. Turning a blind eye to ourselves, the world in action becomes solidified with experience but in the opening of our sight, we come to see the natural order of eternity. It all makes perfect sense in a manner far removed from logical thought and supposition.

This is a Dark Age where man turns upon man and devours him. But one can only be consumed by one's own fears, our own unique way of avoiding truth. Truth is a casualty in this war for the mind of man, but it doesn't have to be. When we actively prepare ourselves for coming face to face with our own nature we unsheathe our swords in the fight against the evilness of our saintly degradation. We have already killed ourselves, is it not time to execute the executioner?

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