Entering The Fire

The fire of Man is burning desire. What form that desire makes itself known as makes little difference as the damage has already been done. Moving away from our core requires us to deny our very existence and out of that maelstrom life arises in all of it's experiential glory. Once we taste our own blood we are consumed.

Perhaps by fate, perhaps by chance desire comes to be submerged, if only for a brief moment, and we come to realize that we are something much more than the totality of what we think to be 'ourselves'. In that moment of great peace we also realize that we have lost ourselves to the world. Losing our way, we seek to return home.

Unfortunately in that seeking, we again become lost. Our efforts become merely shifted and desire once again reigns supreme. Who do we fool with such non-sense?

Awakening from a dream, we slowly begin to realize that our day begins as it has always begun, with ourselves fully in control. Yes, indeed, we ARE fully in control and in that psychosis we meet and greet all who cross our paths in a demented and tormented state. Is it any wonder that we have so many day-to-day problems. Are we any smarter than this? What exactly is intelligence anyway?

Living a lie we become exposed to illusion and from there on out the road swiftly declines into the abyss of darkness. Scrambling to get out we run in circles in fright and so keep ourselves busy for as long as we wish. A wish is nothing but an imaginary thought and has no basis in reality but who in their right mind would not see this?

Perhaps even more thinking is called for, so we begin to dig ourselves ever deeper into the quagmire of our livingness. Fervently we seek a way out of our own demise and never, ever find it. Can one escape one's own creation?

Perhaps a completely new approach is in order, or maybe no approach at all is past due. Categorizing eternity, our minds are quite busy and so we have no time for contemplation or reflection. Who can see their own selves when the looking is being extended outward and beyond. Are we to find the core of our being in places other than our selves?

Looking for something that is the nature of our being is like entering the fire without a wet suit. Do the eyes seek to see? Does the nose strive to smell? Does our spiritual nature demand that it become known? These sorts of mind games do nothing but keep us busy well into the night.

Perhaps it is time to recognize that the entirety of our efforts which we have devoted to seeking, gaining and understanding is nothing but a ploy to further satiate desire. Fighting fire with desire is like throwing a can of gasoline into the flames. Who would be so foolish as to do that?

Desire, in all of it's devious forms, is the fire of Man. It consumes everything in it's path and leaves nothing but death and destruction. Haven't we all had enough of that already?

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