There Is No Going Back

Walking and waiting in the wind, we tend to catch hold of every leaf that blows by. Whether through chance or fate we catch hold and fly like the wind. After a time, we find ourselves to be quite removed from where we started, but then, another leaf catches our eye...

Engaged as we are in other matters who could ever find the time to just be still, even for a fleeting moment. Stillness is not a product of the wind and so we shutter at the thought of even trying. Where is the peace that is ever promised to us? Which leaf upon the breeze contains it? Is it a matter of choosing wisely or is this too beyond our control?

Searching through the catacombs of experience is it any wonder that we are sometimes left in a dark, dank dead end waiting for either our demise or our rescue? And then the winds just happens to blow and we find ourselves upon a mountain top with the ability to see forever and in that very same moment a northern chill forcefully makes it's way into our hearts and lo and behold we again find ourselves living the life that we have always dreamed.

It's like a dance step, or perhaps a group mind. In either case, depending upon our mood, we may or may not make time stop for a moment so that we can take a good look at ourselves and what it is that we are actually doing.

You see, the wind is nothing but the action of our perception and the leaf, the movement of desire. Caught as we are gazing into the waters which reflect us ever so perfectly, we become hypnotized with ourselves. Oh what a lovely sight to see!

Becoming enraptured, we fall into the waters of life and never again come up for air.

Despite all the clues we leave for ourselves along the way, we pretend blindness and say to ourselves, "No yet, not yet.". Ever creating a future for ourselves, we embrace eternity so that we can continue to live. How is it that we pretend our reflection to be something other than ourselves eagerly embracing the illusion of it being something completely separate and apart from us? Are we merely fooling ourselves and pretending that Peace is not our Nature just so that we may experience sensory delight?

Where will it lead us but to the same place from which we arose. Will we find ourselves standing firm upon the earth from whence our journey first began or is even this thought nothing but another leaf of despair? Predicting the fallacy of stepping out of the water of life is indeed, nothing but another illusion of desire.

There is no way out because there is no way in. Consider it a dream of gigantic proportions.

All that can fall into our reflection of life is nothing but the movement of thought. Once the illusion becomes stilled, Peace is.

Peace IS our Nature and there is no going back.

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