Putting The Pieces Together

There always seem to be a number of widely dispersed events occurring each and every day through out the world today. As we are indoctrinated to regurgitate what we are fed, these events come to be looked upon as something far out of our sphere of influence. We come to be ‘innocent’ by-standers in this game we call ‘life’. We may eagerly partake of a chance to give up our own opinions and ideas but when it comes to demonstrating our freedom, we are left hanging and gleefully follow the flock over the cliff of doom.

Events happen not by chance but through purpose and design. There is no such thing as a coincidence and an ‘accident’ merely provides a means to displace responsibility.

As we delve into the lost art of perception, the events in the world of today lose their confusion of individuality and come to be regarded in a completely new light. Taking a look at the bigger picture always creates fine detail. But when we place our focus on the detail, on the single incident, we become emotionally involved in it’s experiential opportunity. How is it that we cannot separate ourselves from our surroundings?

This planet is indeed held under sway of a grand design and purpose. It’s reality is right there in front of us so that we fully embrace our place in the universe. We do have a place in this universe but unfortunately when we are blind to ourselves all that we will see is what we are shown and there are plenty of those who relish the opportunity to demonstrate this simple fact.

Even though the game for this planet is not over yet, it comes to be of great benefit when one is able to see and to do. The future is never to be idealized for the here and now is what carries us through eternity. We cannot live in tomorrow nor can we live in yesterday. The most precious of moments is right here and right now. If we do not capture that moment, then we are lost. Lost to thought, lost to ideas and lost to concepts. How is one to be when one is outside of one’s self? When that is so then we become and in doing so, we move away from our selves.

Putting the pieces together is like becoming whole and once whole there are no pieces to find, to discover. World events will take us where they will only if we become enamored of them. Unless one understands wholistically one will be subject to specialization. When we are lost in detail, we are lost.

So much of the world is lost in specialization and those who wish to make it so understand it wholistically in a most selfish way. Is this a fight of might against right? Are our problems created by those of evil intent?

If one does not fully understand one’s self, then we tend to follow the Piper who plays whatever tune we wish to hear and it is then that our ears will leads us to our doom. We are already there and no matter the effort being expended to prevent or delay that perception, it doesn’t matter.

Spiritual freedom is our nature and some times it just makes itself known for no apparent reason.

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