We See What We See

There is the one who exists for all time, for all place, for each and every thought that passes through from conception to creation. There is the one who exists for no one and no thing. The one and only one can be none other than the stance from which the television remote control is utilized and abused. Changing constantly, the effects remain untouched. Reinventing the moment, nothing continues unfettered in it’s role of stability. The one and the same remain neither for all time and all place, ever more. That which comes and goes, has never left and that which never leaves can only remain in it’s original state of existence. Looking beyond the nose, we see our environment. Coloring our eyes of perception, what could reality actually be like? We will never know other than by the experience which supports our preordained conclusions. We see what we see and nothing else.

Beyond this, nothing exists. Beyond this, we die and in death Life embraces us and confines us. The choice is ours, either we follow destiny, or destiny creates the choice. Either way, we win and by losing ourselves we lose the life we lead. In death can there be another life?

Evermore cried the voice, masked behind the deafening roar of ourselves. Laughing, we realize that we are our own best joke.

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