Value Fulfillment

The mind knows no bounds - or so it thinks, and this is the position from where all knowledge comes from. Imaginary idealism is effemerous1 indeed. Vaporware for the masses, so eager are we to embrace and fulfill. Thoughts ponder to and fro, but the end result remains the same, stationary and immobile. Never moving and yet, carrying on as fast as the speed of light, ever seeking to push beyond the boundaries of our existence. That existence is the mind's barriers and pushing beyond them only exhilarates the mind into further action. Where will it end?

There is no end for there could not be such a thing envisioned and imagined to no end. As space, it must continue into all eternity and when the end seems near, create new bounds into which we may place our containers of glee. Next stop, the far reaches of our mind. When you arrive, you will have never left.

Tools are merely the justifications we use to enhance the experience. It certainly is a thrill to behold the effects of emotional content, but that content is only created for the mind's pleasure, which defines it in the first place as to what it is and the emotive effect required. Definition creates and so we become the effects of our creations. There is no other way.

Breaking out of our dreams, we clearly see and ride the moon beams to where ever and when ever we wish. The holds we place upon ourselves do not exist and no matter how hard we create the ties that bind, we will never break free of them. What you create cannot be escaped.

Freeing yourself is not to be confused with freeing your mind no matter the power in which it is stated otherwise. Wake from your dream and realize that to be asleep is to merely succumb to your own thoughts and imaginings. All that needs to be done to wake and be free is to release yourself from your efforts. Letting go does not mean giving up yourself to your mind, it is quite the opposite. Stop pampering your self (mind) and you will see what freedom is really like. Without a master to control it becomes what you created it to be. Value fulfillment.

  1. effemorous: light, airy vaporous[^2] diaphanous[^3], feminine quality, hazy, dissipating  

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