Embrace Nature

There comes a time when the heart must be opened and allowed to blossom. Through the natural forces this blossoming is inhibited with the understanding that assistance of this nature is a positive and worthwhile endeavor. Exploring these options are rarely an option unto themselves. Reaching for the light, blossoming is suspended in thought and held within the concepts furthered for the benefit of one and all.

Those benefits are illusionary and deceptive. Never will these be obtained. As a matter of fact, these benefits have yet to be attained at all, by anyone at anytime. This forces the disclosure that in order to allow the opening of the heart, there must come a conviction that can only be nurtured from within. Nurturing the desire for revelation destroys the desire of want. Within the natural order of things, inhibition and restriction hold much importance. In this way can the freedom of expectation can be allowed to ripen and carry the participants along the well laid out road map called the journey of life. Going too fast tends to disrupt the flow so what better way to self adjust then to make every participate responsible for their own creative containment.

Exploring beyond our reasonable nature, we find that our desires mutate into something quite unexpected. Surviving the forces of nature we overcome ourselves and set free, not only ourselves, but the natural forces at work. Believe it or not, these forces are just begging to be let free. Despite the appearance of inhibition, expression is the desire longed for by all. Letting out a sigh of relief is all it takes. Letting our hearts open and setting ourselves free, we encompass all of our misdirected desires and obtain that which we seek. Embrace nature, it holds the key to many doors.

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